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The Countryside Museum

These pages present the exhibits in the Museum as a tribute to the work of the farm and its people, from the 1880s to the 1960s - an age that is only just past.

Countryside Museum works outwards from the farmhouse to the buildings and fields and the services that farming life required or supplied. The menu on the right links to the main topics.

Ploughing with 2 horses - the ploughman's view

Additional menus across the top of each section enable you to discover more on each subject, including sound and video.


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Welcome! Wander freely and enjoy your visit.

John Gate, farmer, born 1917: "There was an old man used to say: any fathead could plough.... but it took a good man to harrow." In these pages you may find out why.

Left: ploughing with two horses in the 1930s. It is warm work: the ploughman has hung his jacket on the hames of the nearside horse.

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