Technical Points

We have attempted to offer you throughout the choice of Audio/Video Interleaved (AVI), Media Player (MPG) or QuickTime (MOV) files. There is an indication of the file sizes of each and a short description. If one does not play for you another should! If the files are very large we have only offered the smallest versions, but it's worth looking at them all since we have been able to include longer sequences in some formats.

We have opted to play the clips without an associated page and description, so that your preferred choice of player can be invoked by your browser. This should also give you an image that can be made larger, though there will be a loss of quality. There are brief descriptions of the file content beside the still frames on the Action page.

To repeat any video once loaded, click Forward [Arrow] on the Player. There may be slight differences between various players; you may need to click Stop [Square] before you click Forward.

Best viewed in MS Explorer 5 or later.

All video clips © copyright Sue Millard or Lunesdale Stud.

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