Where the breeders live

Breed prefixes for some of the studs

Map of Cumbria Waverhead Lownthwaite Kerbeck Castlerigg Dalemain Brackenbank Heltondale Sleddale Greenholme Tebay Lunesdale Murthwaite Inglegarth Townend Linnel Gibside Tarnbeck Rackwood

Red text: Breed prefixes; farms located roughly at centre of name.
Large blue area: Irish Sea
Small blue areas: Lakes
Blue North-South line: M6 motorway

Green lines: Class A roads (Major route East-West, A66)

Yellow areas: Towns

Other (black) text: Town Names

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You can compare these mapped prefixes to those of 1968 on the FPS site.

Images produced by the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service.
Images reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

Location of Dalemain

Location map of Dalemain Dalemain

Blue line outlined in black: M6 motorway
Red lines outlined in black: Class A roads
Grey areas: Towns/villages

Green/yellow line outlined in black: Class A trunk road
Brown lines outlined in black: Class B roads
Other roads in white/black

Blue M: Museum
Blue crenellated tower: Castle
Blue caravan and/or tent: Camping ground/caravan park
Blue flag: Golf course or range

Land height indicated by graduation of colour from white (low) to brown (high) with contours indicated by brown lines

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