Countryside Quiz 1.

Objective: answer 7 questions correctly out of 10.

mowing with the scythe; Countryside introduction; Seedtime (harrowing); Dairy; Haytime (demo); The Forge; Animal Treatment; Washday? Check your knowledge here - but don't forget that there are lots of pages on some of these topics! Have you read them all?

1. Which type of scythe is the older?

a straight handled

b S handled

2. John Gate talked about seed-time jobs: ploughing and harrowing. Which did he say "took a good man" to do?

a ploughing

b harrowing

3. Why was that?

a ploughing was hard work and you got tired

b harrowing needed a clever horseman to drive in a straight line

4. Two types of churn come from different areas: which one is Scottish?

a end over end

b tub and dasher

5. How much did it cost to shoe a working horse in the 1950s?

a one pound sterling (20s)

b ten shillings (10s)

c one guinea (21s)

d half a guinea (10s 6d)

6. How many chains are there in a mile?

a 60

b 70

c 80

d 90

7. The Tumbling Tam haysweep is given this name because it

a was invented by a notorious drunk

b turns over as it works

c makes you trip over the long chains

d was popularised by a man called Thomas

8. Why was cheese made from skim milk called "wang" cheese?

a it was so hard you could use it to "wang" nails into wood

b it was so rubbery you could "wang" it off a wall and catch it

c it was so thin you could use it as "wang" bootlaces

d I've no idea

9. Why does the farrier rasp horses' teeth?

a he likes it

b to sharpen them

c to take off rough edges

d to put them to sleep

10. What was "dolly blue" dye for?

a Dyeing cotton clothes

b Marking sheep

c Whitening cotton clothes

d Bleaching cotton clothes

sheep clippers