Fell Pony Quiz 1

Objective: answer 7 questions correctly out of 10.

Have you read these Fell history topics: Roman; Dark Ages; Vikings & Normans; 15th & 16th C; 17th & 18th C; late 19th C; 20th C? Check your knowledge here, but remember - there are lots of pages, so read carefully!

1 What nationality were the "Roman" troops who manned Hadrian's Wall?

a French

b Belgian

c Spanish

d Dutch

e German

f all of these

2 What was the name of the crack unit of French cavalry stationed outside Carlisle from AD 130 till the Roman Army withdrew back to Rome?

a Ala Petriana

b Alan Peters

c Uxellodunum

d Stanwix

3 Which pub name did Wildman think was connected to King Arthur?

a White Hart

b Black Horse

c Red Dragon

d Blue Bell

4 What sex of horse did the Viking warriors prefer to ride?

a mare

b stallion

c gelding

5 Why were breeding ponies kept out on the fell land in Norman times?

a near the village, people teased them and spoiled the foals' tempers

b the local pastures were too small

c ponies were well able to defend themselves against wolves

6 What was the Fell pony's main role from the 15th to the 19th Centuries?

a racehorse

b meat animal

c pack horse

d all of the above

7 Why didn't King Henry VIII's command to kill off small horses have any effect in Cumbria?

a it was too far away from London - nobody knew about it

b Fell ponies were taller than the law required

c Cumbria and Durham were exempt from this law

d farmers hid them so they wouldn't be killed

8 What was the surname of the Kirkby Lonsdale family who used Fells to breed "turf ponies" and later to found the Hackney pony breed?

a Winder

b Williams

c Wilson

d Watson

9 What job required a pony to wear leather boots?

a long distance trekking

b pond clearance

c pulling the lawn mower

d road racing

10 Favourite North Country spectator sports in the 19th century were cockfighting, wrestling and _______?

a trotting races

b rabbit hunting

c football

d fell running

cattle brand

hedge slashers and ditching tools

hay paddle