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You can't put a Fell to the wrong job!

HRH Duke of Edinburgh  with leader of his 4 in hand team
A treat from the Duke
disabled riders on ponies
Lamplugh Riding For the Disabled
hunting in the snow on a Fell pony
R B Charlton hunting with Dobbin
Fell pony ibeing trained to carry woolpack
Sleddale Bellman
Fell mare in winter coat
Packway Kittiwake
Fell stallion in spring at show
Lunesdale Robert
Fell pony dragging log Lowmoat Sam snigging timber
Fell stallion in summer Lunesdale Jerry
Fell gelding as a pleasure ride for elderly man Heltondale William Rufus hacking out
Fell pony as shepherding pony
Heltondale Prince shepherding
Fell pony with sheep on front of  saddle
Heltondale Gipsy Prince shepherding
Fell pony ridden at competitive event
Border Black Empress
Herd of Fell mares at Berrier "enclosure"
The Enclosure at Berrier
Wild mares galloping on the fell
Out on the fell
Pleasure riders high in the fells
Pleasure ride to High Cup Nick


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