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Note: the terms "action" and "movement" are intended to describe how a Fell pony moves in all its gaits.

The small still frames have links beside them to video clips. [These are old footage from 2000 and they are low quality compared to today's technology. Technical tips about the files.]


brown Fell ponies

AVI: 231kb

MPG: 340kb

Walk in-hand: 2 brown Hardendale mares at Dufton Show. 1993. Video © Sue Millard

black filly trotting

AVI: 219kb

MPG: 336kb

MOV: 688kb

The yearling Lunesdale Rebecca celebrates freedom with a true Fell trot! Video © Lunesdale Stud.

black stallion trotting

AVI: 269kb

MPG: 340kb

Trot in-hand: Lunesdale Henry being trotted out by Geoff Hunter at Roundthwaite. Video © Lunesdale Stud.

grey stallion ridden

AVI: 335kb

MPG: 380kb

MOV: 832kb

Trot under saddle: the grey Lunesdale Mountain Mist at home, ridden by Julie Robinson. Video © Lunesdale Stud.

black stallion galloping

AVI: 367kb

MPG: 630kb

MOV: 843kb

Gallop under saddle: Lunesdale Black Grouse gives an exhibition for Bert Morland, ridden by Lizzie Briant at her home in Richmond, UK. Video © Lunesdale Stud.

Driving ponies

It's worth comparing the very different ways of going of these three ponies: Mr T (foaled 1987), Claudius (foaled 1979) and Moonstroller (foaled 1969). Each has his own way of doing the work. Although he will do other jobs as well, each is best known for driving. Mr T never beat Claudius in the show ring but did [sometimes] beat Stroller. Claudius and Stroller met there very frequently - with alternating results.

black pony being driven

AVI: 266kb

MPG: 561kb

Trot in harness: Tebay Tommy (Mr T) on his first outing at Dalemain. A wet day for competitive cone driving. 1993. Video © Sue Millard

black pony trotting in harness

AVI: 326kb

MOV: 801kb

MPG: 420kb

Trot in harness: Tebay Tommy (Mr T) at the end of the same season, cone driving with confidence. 1993. Video © Sue Millard

black pony in show vehicle

AVI: 214kb

MPG: 372kb

Trot in harness: 2 different clips of Eden View Moonstroller at Dufton show, the "Fellside Royal". Stroller, then aged 24, was determined to win the cone driving. He always did think he was a thoroughbred. 1993. Video © Sue Millard

black pony trotting with show vehicle

MPG: 320kb

AVI: 487kb

Trot in harness: Dene Claudius sparkles in the sunshine at Dufton Show. 1993. Video © Sue Millard

black pony trotting

AVI: 295kb

Trotting in the rain - at the Stallion Show at Dalemain. May 2003. Video © Sue Millard

WMV: 492Kb

Novice mare at her first driving show. Coppyhill Suzanne (Ruby) at Tebay, July 2005. "Trot well balanced all round, with good knee and hock action." They don't need to move higher than this, but they must go both at "back and front". Video © Nick Freke / Sue Millard

The Herd at Home

bay mare and foal

May and June are a busy time for the herd. The mares need to come home (in-bye) to foal, to have their foals handled, and to be served again. Left: Lunesdale Rosebud and Honey.

23 May, 2021 the fell" />

AVI: 722kb

MPG: 1,230kb

Gathering the fell - a view of an early summer event that is well worth waiting for. The Lunesdale herd comes down off Jeffrey's Mount onto Moor End and finally home over the bridge at Roundthwaite. Video © Lunesdale Stud.

teaching a foal to lead

AVI: 322k

MPG: 441kb

Geoff Hunter goes forward; Lunesdale Rosebud goes forward; Bracken Boy's foal slip is tied to her and he has no choice but to follow his Mum. Bert Morland is at hand to help out in case Bracken Boy gets in a tangle. Video © Lunesdale Stud.


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