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Breeders of Fell Ponies

Ponies at Huntfield (Scotland)

Famous Stud names of the past

Prefixes are a 20th C development to help advertise studs. Early entries in the Stud Book, eg Volume 5 from 1898, record stallions with individual names like Blooming Heather, Brough Hill, and Eden Grove. Notably, these were all different in colour: black, bay and brown respectively.

Breed Prefixes of the Past

This list is taken from the FPS Stud Book compilation and gives approximate dates when some of the prefixes that occur again were first recorded. You can compare these prefixes to those of 1968 on the FPS site

    Baggra-Yeat (pronounced Yat): 1916 Harry Watson, Uldale, Carlisle

    Mountain: there were lots of these pre 1915 but they seem to be unrelated to any one stud

    Gowbarrow: 1917 Messrs Swinburn, Gowbarrow, Ullswater

    Roughhill: 1918 George Mawson, Bampton

    Moor: 1921 John Bellas, Keswick

    Linnel: 1924 Roy B Charlton, Hexham

    Longlands: 1924 Joseph Fawcett, Uldale, Carlisle

    Raisbeck: 1924 Edward Birtle, Raisbeck, Orton

    Woodend: 1924 W J Wharton & son, Eamont Bridge, Penrith

    Bousfield: 1925 William Hully, Orton

    Guards: 1925 Richard Little, Ireby, Carlisle

    Hardendale: 1925 John Brunskill, Hardendale, Shap

    Gibside: J P Gibson, Burnopfield, Co Durham

    Wallthwaite: 1925 Bennett & Lambert, Troutbeck, Penrith

    Lownthwaite: 1931 Henry Wales, Milburn, Penrith

    Stonecroft: 1932 Edward de Vere Irving, Shap

    Birkett Bank: 1941 J & T Relph, Threlkeld

    Heltondale: 1945 Thomas Noble, Keld Head, Heltondale

    Tebay: David Trotter, Tebay, Cumbria

    Dalemain : 1945 Mrs Hasell-McCosh, Dalemain, Ullswater

    Dene: Mrs A A D Newall, Gt Whittington, Northumberland

    Sleddale : Henry Harrison, Shap, Cumbria

    Castlerigg : J W Harrison, Keswick, Cumbria

    Heltondale : Greta and the late Sarge Noble, Bampton, Cumbria

    Murthwaite: Thomas Capstick, Sedbergh, Cumbria

Ponies at Dalemain

Many of these people, and their family before them, had of course been breeding Fells much earlier than their prefixes would imply. Thrifty to the end, breeders were reluctant to pay good money just to have their farm's and their ponies' names written into a book, when everyone around them already knew their stock and its quality!

Some Northern UK breeders

Extracts from the FPS Stud Book. There are breeders in the Netherlands, North America, Belgium, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Australia and New Zealand (2021). This is only a very short list of some breeders in the north of the UK; I am not going to attempt to include every person in the Stud Book.

    Brackenbank : David & Katherine Wilkinson, Appleby, Cumbria

    Birkett Bank: (revived) Rob Relph-Briggs, Cumbria

    Bracklinn: A Smith, Scotland

    Darrenvale: Russell Sutcliffe, Lancashire

    Greenholme: Bill, Ted and John Potter, Cumbria

    Dalefoot: Barbara Potter, Cumbria

    Guards: Mrs C M Dixon, Cumbria

    Hardendale: Barry Mallinson, Cumbria

    Hillhead: Helen Gallagher, Tyne & Wear

    Inglegarth: Beverley Hodgson, Lancashire

    Kerbeck: Christine Robinson, Cumbria

    Linnel: Sarah Charlton, Northumberland

    Lownthwaite : The Wales family, Cumbria

    Lunesdale: Bert Morland, Cumbria

    Rackwood: Eileen Walker, County Durham

    Tarnbeck: Gwen Williamson, Cumbria

    Townend: Mrs G Wilson, Cumbria

    Waverhead : Barbara Bell, Cumbria

    Wellbrow: A & A Thorpe, Shawforth, Lancashire

    Wansfell: Wendy Black, Cumbria

    Globetrotter: Libby Robinson, Cumbria

    Ashbeck: Samantha Smith, Cumbria


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