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Fell Pony Quiz 2

Answer 7 questions correctly out of 10 to prove you're an expert!

Have you read these Fell history topics:

15th & 16th C
17th & 18th C
early 19th C
late 19th C;
20th C
The Wild Fells?

Have you read them all? Check your knowledge here!

1 What was the name of Sir Gawain's grey horse that was killed in "The Adventures of Arthur"?

a Gwenda

b Freson

c Grisell

d Kay

2 What is the usual date of the Fell Pony Stallion Show?

a May

b June

c March

d April

3 What was the name of the order of monks who lived and worked at Shap Abbey?

a Cistercian

b Premonstratensian

c Gilbertian

d Benedictine

4 Which order of monks are said by some writers to have favoured grey ponies?

a Cistercian

b Premonstratensian

c Gilbertian

d Benedictine

5 What was a "rakker"?

a a man who worked hay with a rake

b a nuisance

c a comfortable riding horse

6 Trotting Comet came to Cumberland from Shropshire to race against Fells in the 1850s. What kind of horse is he believed to have been?

a Thoroughbred racehorse

b Standardbred trotter

c Welsh Cob

d Gypsy Cob

7 What fault can be seen in Merry Maid who won a brood mare show class in 1910?

a cow hocks

b ewe neck

c calf knees

d cock throttle

8 Which Museum owns the pack pony bell collar whose sound you can hear in the 17th C topic?

a Tullie House

b Kendal Museum

c Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry

d Penrith Museum

9 When pack ponies were travelling why weren't they tied together?

a they liked to stay in their group

b they could be guaranteed to follow any well trodden path

c it was safer in case one slipped and couldn't get up

d all of these

10 Which equestrian organisation gives people with severely limited mobility the chance to "be taller than the people around them"?

a Riding and Driving for the Disabled

b British Show Jumping Association

c Pony Trekking Association

d Endurance Horse and Pony Society

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