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What IS that?

In the Countryside Collection we have some objects that we've been given but that we can't identify. It would help us a great deal if you could tell us what they are - and how they were used! To add to the fun there are a couple of objects here that we know but you might not. See if you can guess what they are. (Answers provided.)

mysterious wooden box with a turntable at one end

Object A

Any ideas? It's about two and a half feet long and nearly a foot high at each end.

The box is made of wood, and seems to be built to accommodate tools or brushes. The left hand end has a cutout, half circular shape and the right hand end has a round, lathe-like turntable; it has holes in it. The label asks our visitors: What is it? No-one has yet answered!

E mail sue "at" with your ideas ...

Iron muck grab

Object B

Here's a big iron muck grab (we think) - or did it come out of a quarry?

Can you tell us how it was used and when?

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Long, ancient wooden chest on legs with a lockable lid

Object C

We DO know what this is - but can you guess what was kept in it and where it used to live?

It's about ten feet long, is built with iron bands round it to keep it safe, and the heavy wooden lid has a lock in the centre of the long edge.


It's a Cope Chest from Dacre Church and used to hold clerical vestments.

Object D

Here's another piece of wood that's eight feet long.

Today it hangs in the roof of the Great Barn, but when it was being used, it was much nearer the ground.....


A swingle tree to attach two horses to a farm implement such as a harrow, plough or hay sweep.

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Object C is a cope chest, which once held the vestments of clergy at Dacre Church.

Object D is a long "double" swingle tree to attach two horses to a farm implement such as a plough, harrow or hay sweep.